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Dr. Brent Skovmand has selected a team to work with him and serve their patients who have an average of  21+ years experience in the dental field.    

Our Front desk team has been working with insurance companies for over 20 years.  Even with thousands  of insurance policies available, our goal is to work with each patient individually, to maximize their insurance benefits.     

Our Clinical team has been working in their field assisting dentists and providing hygiene services for many years as well.  Since many of our staff members have spent the better part of their careers in our office, they are now finding themselves assisting or cleaning the teeth of second generations of many of our long term patient families!   

Our team members have diverse interests, but true to the Enumclaw area, you will find pictures of pets and horses and children and grandchildren spread throughout the office.  We are friendly and happy and invite you to become a part of our dental family.  We look forward to caring for you for many years to come.


Dr. Christopher Koontz   bio coming soon...    

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